Artist Anastasiya

Camilla, one of the founders of FEAR and HOPE and Anastasiya met the first time on a job in South Africa when she was doing Anastasiyas make up since she work as a model. Anastasiya was very curios about Camilla’s make up Nvey Eco since it showed later that she has a big interest in ecological products, health, animals and nature. After this conversation sparkle where around them and they couldn’t stop talking about their passion to animals and nature.

When Camilla heard that the multitalented Anastasiya also works as an artist and saw her amazing paintings of people together with nature she told her about FEAR and HOPE. Anastasiya was later asked if she would like to collaborate with FEAR and HOPE and paint on this theme. Anastasiyas passion for art and nature in combination with her experience from the world of fashion turned out to be a perfect match with FEAR and HOPE!

This lovley art will be avaliable for sale and the money will go to a charity project related to endangered species that Anastasiya will pick. More information on the charity project will appear on the FEAR and HOPE webpage.

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