Purpose & Aim: FEAR and HOPE is working towards raising awareness of and to protect endangered species all over the world, and to actively promote and fund conservation projects. Together with our collaborators we aim to evoke hope and inspiration to bring about action and change beneficial to the environment and animal species. 

What we provide: FEAR and HOPE provides a unique platform and concept to support Campaign Organisations, Artists and Business aiming to raise awareness of and to protect endangered species.

The Concept: FEAR and HOPE connects fashion to the environment. We work with the concept of "storytelling" where the environment, the animals and the models function as advocates for what we want to achieve. 

The Team: FEAR and HOPE was founded by Camilla Jönsson, internationally acknowledged fashion artist in collaboration with photographer and art director Leonard Gren. Environmental Management & Policy Specialist Markus Johannesson thereafter has joined the team.                                                           

Our lead words are
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