Collaborate with us

What we provide:

FEAR and HOPE provides a unique platform and concept to support campaign Organizations, Artists and Business aiming to raise awareness of and to protect endangered species.

Interdisciplinary approach:

We believe, in order to reach the broad public, it is vital to go beyond conventional methods of knowledge distribution. The interdisciplinary approach blending fashion, preservation science, environmental management and business approaches is an effective tool in this perspective. 

Method and Concept:

Fear and Hope artists and photographers connect fashion to the environment. We work with the concept of "storytelling" where the environment, the animals and the models function as advocates for what your project or campaign wants to mediate.

The photos use the themes “FEAR” and “HOPE”. The FEAR photos express death, extinction and horror; the HOPE photos express friendliness, strength and the resilience of nature, happiness and love. Our bold goal is to show that interests in fashion and nature are not mutually exclusive but that both can benefit from each other. 

Collaborate with us:

FEAR and HOPE wants to build long lasting relationships with their partners to benefit the cause of creating awareness and protection of endangered species. In collaboration with you, we draw up a project plan adapted to your purpose, needs and goals with your project or campaign. You decide how you want to utilize the resources of FEAR and HOPE.         

The FEAR and HOPE team:

The FEAR and HOPE team members are professionals with a dedicated passion for creating awareness of and to protect endangered species. Our experience and competence spans within the professions of photography, art direction, fashion and make-up, environmental management and policy, and business. FEAR and HOPE works with professional and experienced fashion models and make-up teams.

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